The lives of all Michiganders deserve to be treated equally under the law.

When one group of people experiences violence at the hands of a system that’s supposed to protect us, it’s clear that the system isn’t working.

The Michigan Dems are committed to reforming our police system so that all Michiganders feel safe and protected, regardless of their race or gender.

We need a police force that adheres to the law, just like the citizens they’re sworn to protect. This is what our children and our families deserve.

The Michigan Dems are committed to addressing crime, and believe in reinvesting in our local communities to reduce crime. We know it can work for us.

The Michigan Dems support:

  • Policy changes including mandatory de-escalation and implicit bias training for law enforcement, mental health screenings, "duty to intervene" policies and bans on chokeholds.
  • A $75 million plan, announced by Gov. Whitmer, that includes targeting gun trafficking; supporting programs to increase access to social as well as mental health services; and expanding jobs, education, and employment opportunities in communities affected by violence.

The Michigan Dems will fight for every Michigander to be treated equally by those who are supposed to protect us, and we will fight for a better and safer future for everyone.