The Michigan Dems are tired of crappy roads and even worse excuses. We need to improve our infrastructure so that all Michiganders are safe on our roads.

For far too long, our roads in Michigan have suffered from a systemic lack of investment under previous administrations. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave Michigan a D+ on its infrastructure report card. That’s embarrassing!

The Michigan Dems know that unsafe roads lead to costly accidents. Poor road conditions are dangerous: we saw nearly 7,000 accidents in Washtenaw County in 2020 alone.

Here’s a look at the initiatives supported by Democrats that we helped elect and continue to support:

  • Helped pass the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which allocates nearly $7.8 billion to the state of Michigan to make long overdue improvements to our highways and bridges.
  • Won Michigan approximately $54 million to improve driver behavior and reduce deaths and injuries from motor vehicle-related crashes.
  • Gained $1.0 billion over five years to improve public transportation options across the state.