Featured Issues for Presque Isle County

Issues for Presque Isle County

1.7 million seniors save $400 per year in prescription costs due to Democrats’ out-of-pocket spending cap
From 2000 to 2020, the population of citizens over 65 increased over 30%, and the number of people aged 85 and older in Michigan rose over 28%. Caring for our elders is an increasing concern and financial challenge for Michigan families. Seniors deserve the opportunity to live independently with dignity, and they deserve to have a wide range of quality options for living when they need assistan…

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Over 300,000 jobs created for Michigan workers since 2022
COVID-19 has brought more challenges to us than just devastating effects on our health. While many people have adapted and found ways to survive and thrive, others still struggle to overcome and find their opportunities limited in this new virtual workforce environment. The Michigan Democratic Party believes everyone should have the education and training opportunies to find their way in this eco…

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1.3 million students will receive free breakfast and lunch
In Presque Isle County, there are children that need access to K -12 education. Every child deserves access to high quality education, no matter where they live. Here’s a look at the work done by Democrats that we helped elect and continue to support through the 2022 School Aid Budget: Provided $240 million over 3 years for additional school counselors, psychologists, nurses, and social worke…

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$7.9 billion over five years for infrastructure improvements
For far too long, our roads in Michigan have suffered from a systemic lack of investment under the previous administration. The American Society of Civil Engineers even gave Michigan a D+ on its infrastructure report card. The Michigan Dems know that unsafe roads lead to costly accidents. Poor road conditions are dangerous. Here’s a look at the initiatives supported by Democrats that we helped…

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