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The Michigan Dems stand with Grand Rapids & we’ll fight for you and the issues that matter most to GR!

When you think West Michigan, you think Grand Rapids. Where else can someone get that big city feel with small town values? Like the people of Grand Rapids, the Michigan Democratic Party is determined to build a government based on shared values that work for all of us. We know that this starts by building locally from the neighborhood out!

The Michigan Democratic Party believes that a better future is possible. Your family deserves that. The Michigan Dems know that the best way to make impactful change is by starting small: making change within your own communities. We want to help you do just that.

Support the Michigan Democratic Party near you. You’ll find opportunities to volunteer or donate. And don’t hesitate to reach out. By signing up and making your voice heard, you help strengthen the MDP’s relationship with each of our local communities.

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