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Radical Republicans Are Too Dysfunctional for Michigan

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Democrat’s priorities in State Senate District 37
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Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare

1.7 million seniors save $400 per year in prescription costs due to Democrats’ out-of-pocket spending cap

Job Creation

Job Creation

Over 300,000 jobs created for Michigan workers since 2022



1.3 million students will receive free breakfast and lunch



$7.9 billion over five years for infrastructure improvements

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The Michigan Democrats care about the issues that matter most to Michiganders: creating good paying jobs, improving quality of living, and putting money back into the pockets of working families.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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No. If you register to vote in person, you will be asked for a photo ID. If you don’t have one, you can sign a simple form stating that.
If you register by mail or through a voter registration drive, write your Michigan driver’s license or personal ID number, or the last four digits of your social security number on the voter registration application where indicated.
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  • You do not need a photo ID in order to register to vote! If you do not have a photo ID, you can sign a simple form saying that and still register.